Table 1
Link Description Sakuga database. See cuts of wonderful animation. Mainly Japanese, and also including western animation such as by Milt Kahl.
Rare scans of settei: model sheets, colour guides, FANSUBS group of 80s, 90s, and 00s shoujo and jojimuke anime. Download official and fan subtitles for anime: English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean subtitles. Elegant alternative to MyAnimeList. Italian website about shoujo manga. The best Hamtaro website on the internet. Has an active discord too. Small but cutely-made Hamtaro fansite. Links to Hamtaro fansites, most need to see them properly. The cutest and best 'magical girl' website on the internet! Still frequently updated, so many rare materials. Made by an Italian, but it's in English. ABSOLUTELY COMPREHENSIVE! By the creator of Majokko Club! Lots of information and pictures of non-magical shoujo series, such as The Rose of Versailles, Nadja, etc. Even a few girlish shounen series like Ranma 1/2. Even a few 'western shoujo' cartoons such as Rainbow Brite. ABSOLUTELY COMPREHENSIVE! A comprehensive cartoon fansite similar to Majokko Club and Enchanting Castle! In Italian. Ojamajo Doremi French blog. Ojamajo Doremi fan-comic! Multiple languages! Ojamajo Doremi, Ashita no Nadja, Crayon Kingdom of Dreams, rare scans and materials. FANSUBS Ojamajo Doremi, French fansite Website about anime render images.
French FANSUBS of jojimuke anime and dramas. Pretty Series, PreCure, and more. Magical Girls genre guide, good and comprehensive. PreCure guide, only up to Healin' Good though.
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